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Patient Paperwork

Please download and fill out these forms completely before coming in for your first appointment. They help provide very useful information to our therapists to help improve your recovery and outcome. We must have all forms filled out and signed prior to our therapists begining the first session.


New Patient Paperwork


Print out the required paperwork

Downtown Location (click here)

Houghton Location (click here)



open in Adobe Acrobat and print out

Adobe(if you need the latest free Adobe reader click here)



Insurance Card or Labor & Industry Paperwork

As a convenience to you we verify every patient's insurance benefits prior to treatment in our office. Insurance verification is not a guarantee of benefits and each patient must personally verify insurance with their respected insurance to ensure 100% accuracy of benefit coverage.



Insurance Card

Co-Pay & Co-Insurance

This is the amount due at the time of service as required by your health insurance contract. In the current healthcare system co-pays are very common and nearly all plans require one. If your plan has a co-pay it is our contractural obligation to your payer to collect this payment prior to service. If a plan does not have a co-pay it may institute a co-insurance payment. This means that for the services rendered the patient may be responsible for a percentage of the insurance company's contracted rate.


If you have further questions feel free to ask the front office during your visit.


Visa & Mastercard



Doctor Referral or Prescription

About hafl of insurances require a physician prescription before begining physical therapy. If you are uncertain about your coverage feel free to contact our front office.


Print our referral to give to your physician (click here)

New Patient Paperwork


Comfortable & Loose Clothing

It is essential for patients to wear loose clothing that will allow the physical therapist to evaluate and assess the area of injury. Many times it is necessary to also evaluate the spine and clothing that will provide access to these areas is appreciated. If you have any questions contact our front desk:

Downtown Kirkland Office: 425.629.3502
Houghton Office: 425.979.7445

Loose Clothing

LWPT Directions

Directions to Lake Washington Physical Therapy

Lake Washington Physical Therapy has 2 locations. Downtown Kirkland by the waterfront and in Kirkland's Houghton neighborhood. If you have trouble finding us or with the maps don't hesitate to call our front office.


Downtown Kirkland Office: 425.629.3502


Bing Maps: (click here)

Google Maps: (click here)


(click here)


Houghton Office: 425.979.7445


Google Maps: (click here)


New Patients

Listed below is important information and helpful links that you will find useful in your orientation
to Lake Washington Physical Therapy. Please follow all 6 prompts prior to your first visit.
*Please Show up 15 min prior to your first appointment to complete all forms and have any questions answered by our front office.

  • LWPT Forms
  • Insurance Card
  • Insurance
  • Prescription
  • Loose clothing
  • Directions
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